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Möbel Type is an independent foundry for typefaces created by Imogen Ayres.


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Do you offer trial fonts?

Yes – email us at mobeltype@gmail.com and we will send you a version of the typeface with a basic glyphset.

Do you offer licenses for multiple users?

Möbel Type caters mostly to individuals, so for this reason automatically issues individual licenses. If you are part of a company and need licenses for multiple users, get in touch and we'll arrange a different price accordingly.


The typeface has changed since I bought it, can I receive the updated file?

As Möbel grows, changes and tweaks are sometimes made to the individual typefaces - if you think a font may have been updated since you bought it, email us and we'll send you the latest version.


Do you sell Webfonts?

Möbel currently only sells OTF files. To organise licensing for webfonts please contact us, and for more info please read our EULA.